Expert Web’ Dedicated Server Hosting

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Show the Best of Your Brand with Expert Web

Enjoy our dedicated server space, or opt for a shared one as you take advantage of lighting fast processors and memory speeds.

Shared Servers

Host multiple websites on a single server, or have one website hosted next to many others to keep costs down.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server ensures you don’t have to share any space and utilize spare resources as needed.

Virtual Servers

Segregate servers virtually for enhanced security, privacy, and user control in a shared network.

No Downtime.
No Worries.

Both our shared and dedicated servers can handle plenty of traffic so you never have to worry about product launches or great deals for your customers!

Our Process

The Expert Web Process

We follow a simple, five-step process for our services to help streamline your project and add some creative energy to it!


We understand what you need, the kind of websites you want hosted, and the traffic you are expecting.


We analyze your requirements against our own server space, server machines, and determine the best options available.

Data Migration

We move your previous data into our servers and get them set up for traffic, regular maintenance, and more.


We ensure that your website can handle traffic surges, and determine maintenance hours based on user data.

Ready to Go

Once everything is set up, we are ready to go and put your website up live!

Why Choose Us

Migrate or Upgrade. Anytime You Want.

The limits of the possible can be extended with just an upgrade!

We don’t become among the top web hosting providers without putting some added value on top of every deal we offer!

  • Quick Server Upgrades
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Free Data Migration*
  • Variable Bandwidth

With changing bandwidth speed according to what you need, you can keep costs down while still being able to handle heavy loads!

Our Recent Projects

We have been serving businesses for years.


Client Diary

Our clients’ feedback is fuel to us!

“The web development team is experienced and very knowledgeable. They understood all our requirements and built our website from scratch, adding all features a good website has. Our website has played a very important role in the success of our business.”

-Jack Klein

“The web development team is very co-operative and has been a pleasure to work with. Our new website is a game-changer for our business. They’ve satisfied our expectations!”

-Dawson Patrick

“We wanted a website for our small business for which we had a specific colour scheme in mind. Our new website looks flawless. We are very happy with the delivered results.”

-Walter Carlson

“I highly recommend their web development services. They’ve been very co-operative throughout the process. We had doubts in the start but they understood our requirements well and we’re satisfied with the results.”

-Sarah Jay

Let's Talk

Our 24/7 customer support is just a ring away!

Dial us now and get your project ready within the deadline.